Daily Touch Up!

That’s the first time I write about my makeup. I don’t know why I haven’t done so before since I Love applying makeup to myself or to others! So, here’s a few steps to how to get the perfect makeup for an everyday look! It takes me about 10 mins maximum to do this. If you have any questions, please do comment below! 

BEFORE getting started, always make sure to use sunscreen. If you don’t apply sunblock, we can’t be friends. That’s basically how it goes. Black spots and what not appear on your face if you don’t take good care of it. I use this Obagi Medical sunscreen with a high SPF of 50 I also apply a moisturizer to my skin because I am under treatment and my face is literally cracking :/ I use this Avene cream. And yes! you have to apply at least the sunscreen every single damn day.

We move on to my essentials;

Since I’m under treatment, I use a medical liquid foundation from Obagi as well (that tall cream on the upper side of the picture) and a mineral foundation from La Roshe-Posay as well as a bronzer from the same brand.

Also, if you know me, you know I’m crazy about Sephora. My liquid eyeliner, my nude lipstick and my mascara are all from there.

The rest is my creamy eye shadow from Benefit and two brushes one for the liquid foundation (the middle long one) and the bigger one for my bronzer.

My foundation in more details. I usually use the 14 in summer, and go for the 13 in winter.
After my face I apply this eye shadow to give my eyes some glow and then apply my liquid eyeliner.
I then finish up with some bronzer on my cheeks before my lips.
Sephora Rouge: Ingenuous
Here’s what my eyes and lips look like: a very romantic sort of look and it goes with all outfits! If you want to kick it up a bit, play with the color of the lipstick or the thickness of the liner!

TAGGED: Winter tags

So My favorite +Aline C. tags me in one of her posts in order to complete a certain questionnaire regarding winter. Here is my response!

1. Favorite Winter Nail Polish: 

Topless and Poor Li’l Rich Girl by Essie. Sometimes I pull off a black or a very dark blue. But I’m known to usually be pulling off the two nail polishes mentioned earlier.

2. Favorite Winter Lip Product: 

Definitely my deep red or plum lip liners from Sephora. I contour first my lips then fill them inside then spread the color using my chapstick from Body Shop.

3. Most Worn Winter Clothing Piece:

I have to say my H&M leather jacket. You can add it to any outfit and it always gives you the perfect look you were looking for! All hail leather jackets!

4. Most Worn Winter Accessory:

My scarves count, right? I am not really into accessories:/ I usually buy a lot, wear them five minutes then take them off! They annoy me! So scarves are the perfect accessory for me because they add a pop of color for example to a dull outfit, and they make me warm! So no way I am taking these off.

5. Favorite Winter Scent Candle:

I Love candles but I never really brought some. Now that I am in Dubai though, this shop called Bath &Body Works have those amazing candles from apple to cinnamon and amber, etc. This reminded me that I really need to buy a bunch before coming back to Beirut!

6. Favorite Winter Beverage:

My american coffee is always on top of the list, add to that red wine maybe. Some Irish Cream would do as well *.*

7. All time Favorite Christmas- Holiday movie:

If you know me well, you’d know that I am not a movie person. So, any enjoyable Christmas- holiday movie would do just fine!

8.  Favorite Christmas- Holiday Song: 

I need to confess here, I hate them all. They go in my head round and round because of all the shops and malls that put them on; it’s frustrating I would say.

9. Favorite Holiday Food- Treat: 

Gotta say the Christmas Calendar with the chocolate inside; it makes me feel like a 5 year old ^. ^

10. What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year?

There was this girl I met at a nail bar’s decoration; she had a big Christmas tree full of cupcakes and candies. You can’t beat that!

11. What’s at the top of your Christmas list?

Nothing specific compared to what I really got *.* Nouch you know what I am talking about!

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year? 

I am working in Dubai, also enjoying the weather to tan and go to the gym. ALSO, I can NOT wait for Dubai’s shopping festival. So wait for a cool blog post that showcases my items.

If you feel like sharing your response here, comment below! OR, if yo uhave already been tagged share your awesome blogs people:)

Hope everyone is having a good end of year; enjoy your vacations people,


Sushilize More Often

It’s always about tweetups in the online community! This time, M.Gourmet took socializing to a whole new level. Specialized in their differentiated sushi and yummy deserts, M.Gourmet welcomed us to enjoy a great night with friends.

Enjoy your pictures!

P.S: You definitely should try their speciality; nutella rolls! If you noticed, no pictures of food are present whatsoever. Well, it’s ki od because you have to go there yourself and try their menu! Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more of their news.

Numéro 5

Winter is on its way and you’re probably switching your wardrobe from your tiniest tanks to your biggest most coddled-up sweaters. I think most of you can relate to me when seasons change and you forget about the trendiest pieces you got and go all : “I have nothing to wear”! Well I certainly do that; all the time unfortunately. After looking up many fashion blogs and street styles, here are 5 things you must have in your wardrobe that just make up a perfect look for you to pull, anytime! If you got any of these (which I am sure you do) then you’re doing a great job!

1- Leather Jacket: It adds this edgy look to any outfit, might pull it off with the simplest shirt and jeans to create this rock n’ roll look!

2- Scarves, and lots of scarves!: If you wanna get all cozy with an outfit, add a scarf and you’re all set up! You’re looking good and you’re warmer, I don’t think there’s a better balance here. 

3- Hats: Add a final statement to any outfit with a hat. Looking good!

3- Ankle Boots:  With a jeans or a dress, ankle boots are just super cool! Go for simple ones or add to your wardrobe a studded boots for more edge. 

4- Blazer: You do not need to be pulling a corporate look to wear a blazer. Get this masculine look with big shoulders or a more subtle look with a looser blazer to complete your outfit.  

5- Oversized Jacket/Coat: Oversized jackets and coats never screamed “Street Style” more louder. Do not hesitate and get a big coat or Jacket if you think it looks good on you. 

Dating &Social Media

So I wrote this article for Cloud961 magazine about dating and social media. Cloud961 is the first Lebanese Magazine dedicated to the online community. It’s very flexible and an open platform to anyone who is interested in writing an article regarding a topic related to Social Media; you should check it out as this issue is about food!

To download this issue, click here.

Crepaway Tweetup

The Crepaway and The Social Media Awards team invited us to a “wrap-up” tweetup for an offline discussion. The gathering was held at Sodeco, on June 12th. It was actually great seeing the tweeps one more time; catch up and have a good laugh! Not to mention the food; a buffet including mini burgers, salads, sandwiches, chicken tenders and more!
Check out some pictures couretsy of Mohammad Hijazi’s new camera! Thank you Mo:) 
Baby Clara; our smallest tweep!

Al Thoumy welcoming us.
Did you check out Crepaway’s “All Good” Campaign? Do it here NOW!  
ALSO, the Crepaway team did not stop here! They gave each of us their new GOOD CARD and an invitation for two! 
We had the chance to have a sneak peek on their new outlet in Beirut City Center opening soon. I won’t say a word about it but it’s all good;) 
Follow Crepaway on Twitter for their latest news.